About Us


Our Mission

Zoyami is dedicated to giving you quality, handmade skincare & makeup filled with the purest, softest, natural ingredients. We are a woman-owned small business, creating products right from the heart of Houston, TX :-)



Heyy there! I started creating natural skincare and makeup products from a very young age. However, it didn't actually become a reality until my first year of college, out of the mere dissatisfaction of the products I had been using at the time. I always had super sensitive skin and could never find products that would do exactly what I wanted them to do..for my particular skin..without all of the extra fillers and preservatives. I knew I wasn't the only person feeling this way. So I began creating products that contained only the necessary ingredients needed to love my skin. Soon after, me creating creams and oils for my own skin turned into me creating them for my friends and family as well! Now I am creating them for you :-)

My philosophy has always been, "The closer the products are to nature, the healthier they are for my skin." Zoyami is committed to our mission of giving you quality skincare and makeup products made of the softest, natural ingredients! If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to message us on Instagram, or email. Have a beautiful day!

                                                 ~ Neziah